the monster mouth


Artist: Lenka Simeckova

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Illustration work done for SAMSUNG, “Hop Free” from my [GLITTERS] series

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Weedy sea dragon merman can I get a hell yeah

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"I’m 12% Irish, 16% German, 30% Italian, 24% French, 15% Swedish, 3% Cherokee…"


the most important thing I’ve learned since this post got popular is that nothing offends white Americans more than pointing out that they’re a white American

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leaf tie

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friend ?????!?


fr iend!! !!!


im coming friend


im here i love u

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I need to draw moRE so I can get really good what should I draw you guys


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Necklace fake-calls wearers’ mobiles as an excuse to leave uncomfortable situations

Women experience street harassment on a regular basis, but it takes many forms — some subtle and some less so. We’ve already seen Cuff jewelry include a discreet smart rape alarm that can be activated in the case of an actual street attack, but now Guardian Angel is a necklace or bracelet that can trigger a fake call to wearers’ cell phones to give them an excuse to remove themselves from an uncomfortable situation. READ MORE…

Or they could just say you creep me the fuck out and then leave?..

Not everyone can say “leave me alone you freak”. I’m sure women were attacked for saying that.

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No headline will ever bring me as much joy as this.

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harajuku upgraded

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I’m @ Danny’s work pretending I’m keeping him company while I’m actually just using the wifi.

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x-ray of a man’s healthy neck vertebrae

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Twitter // Gumroad // Website

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Final Fantasy 7 ink doodles I did when my older sister decided to try her hand at the game (and loved it!)

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Track: Wet Hands
Artist: C418
Album: Minecraft - Volume Alpha
Play count: 52069


If I could describe myself as a song right now, I would be this song.

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